17 November 2009

My love for you is a cheap pop song

I'm pretty pleased to hear that that Kumi Okamoto of The Konki Duet (and before that the shortlived but sweet J-Pop duo Crazy Curl) has just released her first solo album. Take a look at the (kinda peculiar) clip for single 'Danse Music'.

The appearance of My Love For You Is A Cheap Pop Song takes me a little by surprise, as it's the first Active Suspension release since 2007; the eccentric synthpop/chamber/electronica-ish label had seemed more suspended than active lately. AS, based in Paris like most of its roster, put out some of my favourite records in the mid-decade period, including Domotic's Ask For Tiger, O.Lamm's Monolith and The Konki Duet's Il Fait Tout Gris. It so happens that both Domotic and O.Lamm appear as guests on several tracks of the Kumisolo album, so it's kind of like the entire era is reuniting on one tidy record. With the whole of The Konki Duet self-releasing an online-only EP earlier this year, things seem to be picking up again in Paris. Good stuff.


olivier lamm said...

Thank you for the interest. As you may not know, Active Suspension is dormant but not us artists. We are recording tons of music. Hopefully, you'll hear of some of us in a not too distant future (please check domoticolamm.bandcamp.com if you will!)

all the best from grey paris, Olivier

madmadcat said...

Good to hear from you Olivier. The Egyptology demo is really sounding great so far, thanks for that link. I'm subscribed to the feed now. Londres est gris aussi... Joseph