26 November 2009

Environment transformer

This post is a test of a better embeddable mp3 player for Pop Molecule. The song embedded therein is itself a test of a better way of expressing how one feels to one's dearest associates. The image chosen to illustrate said test is, in turn, a test of a better personal space designed in 1968 by visionary firm Haus Rucker. Finally, that last link is a test of one's comprehension in German (in my case, negligible) because English Wikipedia needs to get on the stick with an article about those guys.

Boards of Canada - The Colour of the Fire


Shahab Mahdavi said...

Nice pic!

madmadcat said...


robot hero said...

oh, i like this! to which site do you upload for this?

madmadcat said...

Any site you want. You insert the mp3's URL in the code, which you can grab here: