31 December 2010

Have a Heart

I made it back in one piece from my family reunion in Las Vegas. This is my musical mix ode to 2010. Not necessarily the best, just what I like. Click on for more.

for auld lang syne, my friends..

2010 draws to a close, and although it's been said time and again, this year has moved faster than I've seemed to live it.. I've tried, completely tried, but once again another year leaves with a sense that maybe you could have done a bit more and lived even more.. So, I'm approaching 2011 with a renewed sense to simply slow down a bit.. Travel? oh, yes.. Enjoy the company of my friends? everyday, i hope.. but, I also hope to 'stop' a bit more and just be aware that the year is moving more rapidly than we want it to, and that everything we need to know about it is happening NOW. It's something I've tried to do the past couple of years, and those are the moments I really remember at this point of December..

So, a glass raised to 2011, friends.. I leave you with this festive version of Robbie Burns poem, played by the always fun Pink Martini..

Have a Happy New Year.. Cheers.. :)

Pink Martini - Auld Lang Syne

27 December 2010

Exorcising 'Demons'

The Cowboy Junkies offer a lovely tribute to the late Vic Chesnutt, who died a year ago Christmas Day.. The second in their Nomad Series, it will be available for purchase at the beginning of the year from their website.. Pre-order info here:


Vic, you are missed.. thanks again for the music, and thank-you to the Junkies who always have a song for the bleak winter days.. x

Cowboy Junkies - When the Bottom Fell Out

24 December 2010

Chillin' and coolin' just like a snowman

Christmas eve with a classic.

Run DMC > Christmas in Hollis

A Christmas lesson for us all, from Johnny Cash.

I do wonder exactly why this exists. But you should still heed Johnny's advice, kids.

Merry Christmas everyone.

23 December 2010

a cut-and-paste christmas..

PASTE magazine offers free 50 Christmas downloads just in time for your holiday happenings.. loads of good stuff on here.. Happy Christmas, all.. :)


isobel campbell and mark lanegan - 'time of the season'

My heart is as cold as ice

A Xmas gift to you, from Tracey Thorn and her ice cold heart. Sister Winter is a free track that you can grab over at her website. I think it's just hit me that Xmas is right around the corner. The last of the presents I bought arrived in the post yesterday, and I don't have to work for a couple weeks. And then, I ran into this lovely little tune. Pretty sweet.

Tracey Thorn > Sister Winter

22 December 2010

Soulful Christmas

From James Brown's Funky Christmas, wishing you a Soulful Christmas. James Brown loves you.

James Brown > Soulful Christmas

21 December 2010

Dashing through the snow.

It's 7am here in snowy Slough (yup, that place where The Office was filmed), and I've just driven to work; it's my last commute of the year as I'm gonna be at various parents and in-laws between now and January.

I put my usual Christmas mix on, and London sparkled as I drove through. Most of the songs on the mix are well known, but for some reason I think this seasonal 2007 offering from Belle & Sebastian entitled Are You Coming Over For Christmas? is repeatedly overlooked. Guest vocals by Celia Garcia (who went on to sing on God Help The Girl) and a nice brass arrangement make it better than most of their last two LPs. Enjoy.

Merry Christmas, baby!

From the great Otis Redding! What a terrific pic of Otis Redding Jr. & Otis Redding III.

Otis Redding > Merry Christmas Baby

I'm not that drugged

We're not quite done with 2010, and I already want to revise my top ten list... just heard the debut album from The Limiñanas and am reminded once again why listmaking is a futile exercise. Laid back, cool garagey fuzz from Perpignan, France. Consider "Je ne suis pas très drogué" addendum #1 to my 2010 mix tape.

20 December 2010

Well, it'd be memorable.

I'd feel bad if this was my only Pop Molecule entry. But it has to be shared.

19 December 2010

Hey baby, I've got something for you

Recorded for a Target Xmas compilation, Best Coast and Wavves throw their hat into the holiday pop songs circle with Got Something For You. It looks like you can download the rest of the album here, for free.

Best Coast / Wavves > Got Something For You

18 December 2010

25 for 2010

Your Pop Molecule mixtape service continues with New Pop 2010, comprised of 25 pop songs to remember the year by, whether you're a human relaxing on the couch, a bear lounging in the forest, or, erm, a sentient creature who likes good tunes. You'll be surprised, charmed, seduced. We promise. Download by clicking here (.zip).


1. Kemialliset Ystävät - Kajastusmuseo
2. Shugo Tokumaru - Drive-Thru
3. TV-Resistori - Voi ei, ei voi olla totta
4. El Guincho & Julieta Venegas - Mientes
5. The Go! Team - T.O.R.N.A.D.O.
6. Stereo Total - I Wanna Be A Mama
7. Katerine - Le Banane
8. The Chap - We'll See To Your Breakdown
9. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The Stick
10. Sun Kil Moon - Tomorrow Is Already Here
11. Girls - The Oh So Protective One
12. Eux Autres - Jamais
13. Northern Portrait - What Happens Next?
14. Sambassadeur - I Can Try
15. Hauschka - Sunny Mission
16. Gil Scott-Heron - Parents (Interlude)
17. Museum Of Bellas Artes - Days Ahead
18. High Places - On A Hill In A Bed On A Road In A House
19. Liars - The Overachievers
20. Yona - Syyssävelmä
21. Boris Kovač - Adagio
22. Islaja - Dadahuulet
23. Owen Pallett - Keep The Dog Quiet (Simon Bookish Remix)
24. Serena Maneesh - I Just Want To See Your Face
25. Minamo & Lawrence English - Fireworks

14 December 2010

Le Cantique de Noël

Here comes Röyksopp's take on Le Cantique de Noël. It sounds like a lost Jean-Michel Jarre Xmas track or something.

Röyksopp > Le Cantique de Noël

12 December 2010

11 December 2010

21st Century Christmas

Christmas with all of the modern conveniences. It can't be that bad, especially if it involves Saint Etienne.

Saint Etienne > 21st Century Christmas

Top 3 album covers of 2010

3. The Chap - Well Done Europe

2. Klaxons - Surfing the Void

1. The Divine Comedy - Bang Goes the Knighthood

08 December 2010

02 December 2010

Cold, cold winter

I love this song. It's not specifically about Xmas but it's got great girl group action, sleigh bells and a whole lot more! And that's good enough for me. A classic in my book.

Pixies Three > Cold, Cold Winter

01 December 2010

Museum of Bellas Artes

From the debut EP by Sweden's Museum of Bellas Artes. Soft, earthy disco, very lovely.