31 December 2010

for auld lang syne, my friends..

2010 draws to a close, and although it's been said time and again, this year has moved faster than I've seemed to live it.. I've tried, completely tried, but once again another year leaves with a sense that maybe you could have done a bit more and lived even more.. So, I'm approaching 2011 with a renewed sense to simply slow down a bit.. Travel? oh, yes.. Enjoy the company of my friends? everyday, i hope.. but, I also hope to 'stop' a bit more and just be aware that the year is moving more rapidly than we want it to, and that everything we need to know about it is happening NOW. It's something I've tried to do the past couple of years, and those are the moments I really remember at this point of December..

So, a glass raised to 2011, friends.. I leave you with this festive version of Robbie Burns poem, played by the always fun Pink Martini..

Have a Happy New Year.. Cheers.. :)

Pink Martini - Auld Lang Syne

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