29 March 2010

Polaroid Piano

A couple years ago, someone from the old Bowlie board hipped me to Akira Kosemura via a mixtape trade. I liked the track and I grabbed the album, but only recently have I begun to further investigate Kosemura. Last month, I ran into his album, Polaroid Piano, which is quite lovely. It's like the sound of a lazy spring day lying in the sun; dreamy, quiet and warm. With that in mind, you can just look at the album cover above and imagine you're lying somewhere in there while listening to the album. I also quite like the fact that you can hear the creak of the piano pedals, as if you might be sitting in the same room in which he's playing. Also, the album is very short (the longest song is 4 minutes and change) which makes it a pleasant listen, and leaves you wanting a little bit more. Sorta like that nap in the sun, you wish it would go on and on but it always ends too soon and is never enough.

After you listen to April, you can stream more Akira Kosemura here, if you're so inclined.

Akira Kosemura > April

27 March 2010


I just caught this Babybird video (via Popmatters), Unloveable. The video is directed by Johnny Depp, who also apparently plays guitar on the track. The track is from a new Babybird album, Ex-Maniac, which dropped earlier this month. Nice to see Babybird is still going, I haven't really kept up with them. Listen to more Babybird here and check out the official site here.

26 March 2010

I got the wanderin' blues

There are a couple things that remind me of springtime. One thing is an allergy attack. I had a particularly nasty one this past weekend. Suffice it to say that my entire body was sore from sneezing, not to mention the headaches afterward. Another reminder of springtime is The Be Good Tanyas' song, The Littlest Birds, which I happened to hear the other day. This song may not be specifically about spring, but it sure sounds like something you'd hear on a lovely March day. Give it a listen and pass me a box of tissues, please.

22 March 2010

18 March 2010

RIP Alex Chilton

Like many other people, my introduction to Alex Chilton came through The Replacements song that is famously named after him. I remember borrowing the Mats' Pleased To Meet Me from a guy at work. Later I asked and he told me about Alex Chilton, and I finally understood the line where Paul Westerberg sings, "I never travel far without a little Big Star". And from there, I went backwards into the Big Star catalog and realized how a lot of indie bands followed their example, and many are still following to this day. So many people have already said so much, and more eloquently, so I'll just say RIP to a legend, more people should know his name but the music will live.

Big Star > Don't Lie To Me

The Replacements > Alex Chilton

And just as an aside, another of my first exposures to world of Big Star, oddly enough, was (and laugh, if you must) The Bangles' cover of September Gurls.
The Bangles > September Gurls

16 March 2010

Everybody wants to rule the world

The first entry in the AV Club's Undercover series, it's the great Ted Leo & The Pharmacists with their take on Tears for Fears' Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

10 March 2010

In honour of the late, great Mark Linkous, I wanted to share this live show as posted on Bradley's Almanac.. I have listened a lot to 'It's a Wonderful Life' this week, and, honestly, I can't say I've remotely come to terms with him not being here making music anymore.. If you have ever seen Sparklehorse live, you know what I mean.. If you haven't, here's a small sampling of a greater hole now missing from us.. Enjoy (and, thank you, Bradley's Almanac!).


05 March 2010

Long is the way...


I made a mix for myself for fun, so I thought I'd post it here in case anybody else might be interested. It's mostly new-ish stuff, with a few older tunes. It's long, so beware. You might want to digest it in little chunks, or maybe just put it on at work and let it roll. Tracklist and link after the jump!

04 March 2010

Tomorrow, in a year

Tomorrow, In A Year is a "Darwin electro-opera" by Hotel Pro Forma with music by The Knife, Mt Sims, and Planningtorock. Excerpt from a performance below; more verbiage over this way.

03 March 2010

Crooked teeth and everything


I'm really digging this track by Unkle. Having never really listened to them before, I am fairly certain it is a new track. The thing is, I found it while I was looking up Team Ghost, a new project of Nicolas Fromageau, who is formerly of M83. This particular Unkle track, which is remixed by Team Ghost, is streaming here. Look for the Team Ghost EP, which is coming soon, on Sonic Cathedral. And now it seems I should dig deepr into Unkle. Recommendations would be welcome.

Unkle > Natural Selection (Team Ghost Remix)