18 March 2010

RIP Alex Chilton

Like many other people, my introduction to Alex Chilton came through The Replacements song that is famously named after him. I remember borrowing the Mats' Pleased To Meet Me from a guy at work. Later I asked and he told me about Alex Chilton, and I finally understood the line where Paul Westerberg sings, "I never travel far without a little Big Star". And from there, I went backwards into the Big Star catalog and realized how a lot of indie bands followed their example, and many are still following to this day. So many people have already said so much, and more eloquently, so I'll just say RIP to a legend, more people should know his name but the music will live.

Big Star > Don't Lie To Me

The Replacements > Alex Chilton

And just as an aside, another of my first exposures to world of Big Star, oddly enough, was (and laugh, if you must) The Bangles' cover of September Gurls.
The Bangles > September Gurls

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madmadcat said...

"Feeling like a hundred bucks, exchanging good lucks face to face." RIP.