24 September 2010


Video (pretty NSFW) of the first track from the fine new El Guincho LP, Pop Negro. More verbiage on the album here.

17 September 2010

Ave Lúcifer

Pop Molecule mixtape service continues with Le Sacre, 25 songs, 71 minutes. Get it here. Freaky pagan sex rituals optional, but encouraged.

1. Os Mutantes - Ave Lúcifer
2. Jeanette - Porque te vas
3. Chiyo Okumura - Koi no dorei
4. Kishore Kumar - Koi haseena
5. Kronos Quartet - Ya habibi ta'ala
6. Jane Birkin & Mickey 3D - Je m'appelle Jane
7. Brigitte Fontaine - Déclaration de sinistre
8. Fausto Cigliano - Cantata basilisca (The lizard song)
9. Piero Piccioni - Eros
10. Serge Gainsbourg - Flash forward
11. Charles Wilp - Bunny
12. 101 Strings - Karma sitar
13. Dara Puspita - Musafir cinta
14. The Ramrods - Bright lit blue skies
15. Scott Walker - The church of the apostles
16. Georg Ots - Muuttuvat laulut
17. Annikki Tähti - Mustalainen
18. Teruko Akatsuki - Koi no gypsy
19. Pauli Granfelt - Itämaista rakkautta
20. Boris Kovač - Lonely on the rock
21. Filipinki - Dlaczego płaczesz mały
22. Francis Lai - Les deux nudités
23. The Focus Group - Pan calling
24. Broadcast - Valerie
25. Luboš Fišer - Sacrifice

(Cover image taken from Jaromil Jires' 1970 film Valerie and Her Week of Wonders)

05 September 2010

You adore me

I suspect The Raveonettes' cover of The Stone Roses' classic, I Wanna Be Adored, will likely place a lot of peeps squarely in the "hate it" category, but I really like it. It's straight ahead and doesn't really change anything save for the vocals, Sharin Foo's icy femme voice as opposed to Ian Brown's original male vocal. Don't get me wrong, I love the original, but I definitely have room for this version as well.

This was done in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Doc Marten's. There are a handful of other cover songs for this project, and you can listen and download the rest of the tracks here.