12 November 2009

Decadeology: Listening too long to one song!

I shamelessly stole this idea from Madcat Joe. On my own blog, I've been doing this series of posts where I've been writing about my favorite songs of the decade. So I'm gonna cross post a bit, I've done it once already, hope it's not too lame.

I really like all of the New Pornographers' output, you really cannot go wrong if you were to choose only one of their albums to spin. That being said, I think Twin Cinema is a really, really great power pop album. For me, Sing Me Spanish Techno is the focal point of that album. It's an incredibly catchy, driving pop song with great singalong-ability. If you have heard the song, then chances are you know what I'm talking about (and possibly agree with me). If you haven't heard it, I honestly think you're missing out and you can give it a chance here.

The New Pornographers > Sing Me Spanish Techno


madmadcat said...

That is a fine piece of pop indeed. For me Mass Romantic is my favourite but as you say, you can't really go wrong with them. I once tried to see them live in Chicago at a ridiculously tiny bar attached to a warehouse by the river, but it was sold out in seconds.

robot hero said...

they are pretty fun in a live setting. i've only seen them a few times, the best of which was when they were sharing a bill with cinerama at bimbo's in sf. their between song chatter was hilarious, filled with self deprecating jokes and laughing at some guy wearing a rush (the band) shirt in the front row.

madmadcat said...

Just announced they're playing Primavera! Are you in? You know you want to.