01 February 2010

play me a song to set me free..

Winter took his turn where I live this past weekend, as a lumbering, giant of a storm blew snow and ice on every crease of the city.. Most of the city stayed in for the weekend, as this part of the country gives Winter his due when he passes, but I took my turn roaming the city centre on Saturday and let myself give in to the winsomeness of winter days.. Deep cold, that only the warmth of wine can melt.. Cold winds, that take your mind to all the places your friends live.. Deep darkness, that comes through the broken tree branches and makes you curl that much tighter in your bed, or around the one in your bed.. I always hide in my favourite songs this time of year, and also in memories of my favourite places.. So, here's a tune that brings both of these together for me.. The promise of mediterranean breezes wrapped around the solitude of glaswegian skies .. One of my favourite covers letting you know that spring isn't THAT far away after all.. x

Pertubazione - 'Portami via di qua sto male'


robot hero said...

wow, that's good, nice find!

madmadcat said...

:) I remember when I played this for you in my car... was it after or before frisbee golf session in Manhattan Beach park?

jedipan said...

it was after, and it was awesome.. one of the best days of 2009, in my opinion.. :)