11 February 2010

Last Exit To Nowhere

For all the movie nerds out there, make sure you stop over at Last Exit To Nowhere. LETN makes goodies (mostly t-shirts and hoodies) with the logos of fictional corporations and organizations from your favorite flicks. I recently picked up one of these Nostromo shirts from Alien.

Also, the LETN peeps have also posted some pretty cool iPhone wallpapers, which I've gathered up into one zip file for you. My favorite one is the HAL 9000 one, from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The other ones are the Tyrell Corporation (Blade Runner), Omni Consumer Products (Robocop), Weyland Yutani (Aliens), and Nakatomi Corporation (Die Hard). I'm not sure if they'll show up right on other phones, but it could be worth a shot. Download the wallpapers below, if you're so inclined.



madmadcat said...

I like the Initech polo. For wearing while working on TPS reports.

robot hero said...

i totally need one of those.