11 December 2009

My mind's eye

My brother e-mails to say that "my big music obsession for the past couple months has been a major resurgence of mod stuff from the 60s... I can't get enough of fuzzed out guitars, harmonizing, flutes, paisley and headache-inducing album covers." And you know what, I can't either. So I asked for a mixtape, and he happily obliged. Peppering just the right amount of familiar names (Dusty Springfield, The Kinks, baroque-era Bee Gees) in amongst more forgotten gems (including a surprising track by a very young Bob Seger, before he grew a mullet and burst his lungs for Chevrolet), this mix spreads the mod/sunshine/psychedelic love. Download the lot here and be happy.

Tracklist after the jump:

  1. Death By Chocolate - Bentley Corniche
  2. The Flies - (Im Not Your) Stepping Stone
  3. The Small Faces - My Mind's Eye
  4. The Score - Please Please Me
  5. James Clarke - Blow Up A-Go-Go!
  6. Herman's Hermits - Museum
  7. The Creation - Life Is Just Beginning
  8. Tomorrow - My White Bicycle
  9. Bee Gees - Turn of the Century
  10. Jason James - Miss Pilkington's Maid
  11. Sandie Shaw - Girl Don't Come
  12. Mike Stevens And The Shevelles - The Go-Go Train
  13. Dusty Springfield - Spooky
  14. Brenda Holloway - Every Little Bit Hurts
  15. Aquarian Age - 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box
  16. Johnny Keating And His Orchestra - Theme From Z-Cars
  17. Edwick Rumbold - Boggle Woggle
  18. The Kinks - She's Got Everything
  19. Timebox - Soul Sauce
  20. Thee Midniters - Jump, Jive & Harmonize
  21. The Troggs - Cousin Jane
  22. The Bob Seger System - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
  23. Kaleidoscope - A Dream For Julie
  24. Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Equestrian Statue
  25. Katch 22 - Thoughts On A Rainy Day
  26. Noel Harrison - Life Is a Dream
  27. Michel Legrand - Theme From The Thomas Crown Affair (The Windmills Of Your Mind)
  28. Simon Dupree & The Big Sound - Castle In The Sky
  29. The Monkees - As We Go Along
  30. The Andrew Oldham Orchestra - The Last Time


robot hero said...

whoa, this looks brilliant, thank you and your brother. sounds perfect for helping me forget how stupidly cold and rainy it is here in the bay area.

jedipan said...

ditto, sir.. thank you.. :)

randyhate said...

if that is doing things to you, i dare say you might need to check out the trip: created by saint etienne:

total groovy delight all over town it is.

robot hero said...

oh cool, i remember that mix. i never got around to checking it out for whatever reason, gonna look for it now.

madmadcat said...

I remember downloading that back in the day, it was ace indeed. I also remember them playing quite a few of those tracks when Bob Stanley DJ'd the London New Years Eve show I went to in 2004--that guitar-spiked Serge intro was their calling card for a few years.

The comp did not survive my multiple generations of computer since then. I will have to find it again.