19 December 2009

From the WTF category

THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS BOX SET EVER !!!! THIS DELUXE BOX SET IS BEING PRESSED TO ORDER and it is hoped it will be out before Christmas but because of its complex nature it may be early January. The Band also want to make this box very special and collectable. They have done this by Limiting the pressing and making a fantastic Box Set. What does the box contain? The Deluxe Aluminium Suit-Case contains a Special Edition CD, plus a bonus CD, 6 Pink Plastic Dildos, Handcuffs, Lube and much more. I hope to get more details shortly but I know it is a Fantastic item as no expense has been spared because the band cares about its fans.

Better hurry, there are only a few shopping days left until Xmas!

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madmadcat said...

At last! Now I know what to get my mom for Christmas. Rammstein, you've saved my life.