28 October 2009

The Exorcist

Scariest movie ever? I think so. Check out this crazy trailer. Happy Halloween!


madmadcat said...

That trailer is rad. I think I like the style of it more than how I remember the film itself. Maybe because I saw The Exorcist as an adult, it has less scary, more campy associations for me. I reckon The Shining, though certainly not without its camp moments, is the most terrifying film ever. I can only watch that with the lights on. Maybe my parents shouldn't have let me see it when I was 7.

robot hero said...

oh man, big yes on The Shining. i saw The Exorcist when i was a kid and it scared the crap outta me. some parts of it still freak me out. i read the book when i was 12 or 13, too.