22 February 2011

It's just a fairytale

I've been a fan of The Smiths enough that I have all the albums and I can probably quote more than a handful of Morrissey's great lines, or at least my favorite ones. I was never hardcore, though, the albums were good enough for me and I didn't really delve much further. Tonight, I'm sorta surprised to discover, thanks to the good folks over at Extra Track (and a tacky badge), that they did a 4-track single with Sandie Shaw. I recognize the name and I know she's English, but I really only know of her through a song or two from a couple girl-group compilations. I don't think her singing is that great, but it's interesting enough to give it a couple listens. The writer from the Extra Track Smiths blog pretty much sums it up for me, click here if you want to read his post regarding this release.

Sandie Shaw > Jeane

PS - Also, I didn't know how to list the artists. Is it Sandie Shaw with The Smiths? The Smiths with Sandie Shaw? or how about The Smiths featuring Sandie Shaw? The artwork on the front cover reads only Sandie Shaw, so I guess I'll go with that.


shaz said...

I think she's billed as 'Sandie Shaw'. When she performed on Top of the Pops, she was billed as 'Sandie Shaw (with The Smiths)', but The Smiths performed as her backing band.


shaz said...

'Puppet on a String' is what she's most famous for in Britain, as it was won is the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time:


Sandie hated it though!

Long Live Love is a far superior song:


robot hero said...

yeah, you're right, Long Live Love is much, much better. i didn't like Puppet on a String at all.

i was thinking about this single and how weird it is that i can't recall reading/hearing about it. with all of the hardcore smiths fans that i know and have known, you'd think someone would have mentioned it once, even back on bowlie. maybe someone did, but i don't seem to remember it. weird!