12 June 2010

Dock Ellis

Forty years ago today in 1970, Dock Ellis of the Pittsburgh Pirates threw a no-hitter against the San Diego Padres while under the influence of LSD.

Keven McAlester's excellent story about the incident and Ellis' life is here; the Baseball Reliquary's entry on the pitcher is here. Ellis died in 2008 at age 63.

In 1993, Barbara Manning's S.F. Seals (taking their name from San Francisco's legendary old Pacific Coast League team) released The Baseball Trilogy EP, from which this pretty kickass song is taken.

S.F. Seals - Dock Ellis

Image: Got Me Floating (2008) by Jay Kaplan.


madmadcat said...

Google's embeddable player code I like to use no longer seems to work. Even my older posts are broken now. Doh. The download links still work though.

robot hero said...

you know, i remember hearing about sf seals a long time ago. they were one of those bands i wanted to check out, but somehow seemed to slip thru the cracks. i dig this track quite a bit. sorta reminds me of sonic youth or something.

i read the story, too, thru the link you posted. i couldn't even begin to imagine.