15 May 2010

Jukebox il topo

It's mixtape time again, kids!

Something of a linguistically confused blind mole's grapple in the dazzling spring sun for cultural sure footing, calling to mind this fucked up Jodorowsky film, but without the Wild West and more sex and art-damaged Italian shoes instead? A still from Antonioni's La Notte provides the cover image, and a few shots of cachaça, euro politico-financial anxiety, and a helping of Kubrickian ultraviolence spike the punch bowl of my melted mental topography map, pop-musically speaking, circa May 2010.

Download here; tracklisting after the jump.

1. Simon Bookish - Topography
2. Of Montreal - Forecast Fascist Future
3. Fumie Hosokawa - Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son
4. Momus - The Birdcatcher
5. David Bowie - Blackout
6. Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business
7. Les Poppys - Non Non Rien N'a Changé
8. Mavi Isiklar - Ask Cicegi
9. The Raincoats - Lola
10. The Clean - Whatever I Do
11. Adriano Celentano - Un Bimbo Sul Leone
12. Katerine - Le Train De 19h
13. Evinha - Olha Eu Aqui Oh! Oh! Oh!
14. Get Back Guinozzi! - Jungely
15. Stereo Total - Orange Mécanique
16. Parvati Khan - Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja
17. Broadcast and The Focus Group - Make My Sleep His Song
18. The Goretti Group with Dennis De Souza Trio - Of My Hands
19. Milton Nascimento e Lô Borges - O Trem Azul
20. The Ruby Suns - Palmitos Park
21. Dennis Wilson - Sound Of Free
22. Margo Guryan - Love
23. Dino - Ho Messo Gli Occhi Su Di Te


jedipan said...

thank you, brother.. and, i mean for that wonderful picture.. wowza.. ;)

jedipan said...
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robot hero said...

excellent mix, sir