27 January 2010

Oh no, it can't be true

Finland's TV-Resistori produced a pair of delightful, offbeat synthpop albums in 2004 and 2006, making some of my favourite music of the mid-decade period. They have kind of fallen off the face of the earth since then, but according to their label Fonal, they've just been "doing and re-doing their new album" all this time. And while there is still no release date promised for opus no. 3, today the indie pop perfectionists are finally sharing new song "Voi ei, ei voi olla totta" (or "Oh no, it can't be true") with the rest of us. It's a very likable and catchily propulsive tune that bodes well for whatever else might emerge from the collective's strict quality-control vault in 2010.

TV-Resistori - Voi ei, ei voi olla totta

And for old time's sake, have a listen to the eponymous track from their 2004 album Intiaanidisko, which charmed me so much in the first place.

TV-Resistori - Intiaanidisko

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robot hero said...

oh, i'm digging Intiaanidisko quite a bit. very cool.